Tuesday, April 29, 2008


One person asked for the following question in LinkedIn Answers:
How do you approach your own development as a leader...
Which one works though? How do you approach your own development as a leader? For the record mine is a combination of on the job experience, mentoring, college program, webinars. How about you?

I just responded: "Be pragmatic..."

And then I received a mail requests me for a clarification. Next I responded as below:
"pragmatic is the first step by developing your abilities but it must be a natural when you realize that you are. Then you could follow the tips from the answers list that you received but be carefull."

I think that you should discover by yourself your leadership abilities and then to try to follow some tips from so called "leader" writers. Moreover, I think that all people is a leader in some activity in their lives, so fathers are leaders into their homes and of their children, this is the first step.

- Ricardo Seguel P.

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