Saturday, May 10, 2008

Google Apps vs. Exchange?

A friend did a question in LinkedIn: When should a company look to Google as their corporate email providor as opposed to MS Exchange or Lotus Notes?
Well, my answer was as follow:
... about cost benefit studies there is a post in Zdnet to get some idea how you can show pricing reductions by using SaaS in companies.

Moreover, there is a company (Mailtrust, that offers a solution to use Exchange and Hotmail together and so you have another argument to don't change to Gmail.
Here is a interesting post about Mailtrust:

Even more, Microsoft recently announced LiveMesh ( to compete with Google in the cloud-computing field, here is a interesting post about this:

This is not a defense of MS Exchange, but if you don't have investment and cost contrains you could keep your Exchange in peace, if no, you have a economical alternative with Google Apps.
At this point, you can ask yourself what happens with privacy and SLA statements, I think you have 3 variables to evaluate: cost, privacy and service level.

- Ricardo Seguel P.

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