Thursday, May 01, 2008

More Information Security

Today I read some interesting articles but I would like to share with you the following about Information Security:

"There are a few steps you can take to prepare yourself, though: First off, take a crash course in business speak (as opposed to the tech talk we are all accustomed to), secondly, get your corporate ducks in a row by forming alliances and partnerships with other departments (e.g. legal, HR, key business lines) that you haven't worked with on a regular basis before; third: articulate the business benefits of addressing new security challenges (and be easy on the scare tactics here), and finally introduce technology not as the be-all-end-all but rather as the linking layer between people and processes which are what matter most in any organization."
"After infiltrating one of the biggest and most abusive known botnets, security researchers are wrestling with a thorny ethical dilemma: should they exorcise tens of thousands of possessed machines or simply leave them be?"

- Ricardo Seguel P.

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