Monday, June 16, 2008

The Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II

An interesting book is offer for free!
Book of Dave Balter - The The Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II - is being promoted in the Tom Peters blog.
The actual book is being offered for $45.00 and comes with a piece of original art by its illustrator, Seth B. Minkin. You can read more by Dave Balter about why he's distributing the book this way at

"Publishers seem resistant to the facts of today’s economy. Consumers are in control: They decide what works and what doesn’t; they’re the harbingers of cool. They are the ultimate distribution channel.
But it’s not too late for the book publishers. If they choose to be carried by the wave of consumer opinion – instead of swimming against it – they can reinvent themselves."

It's a really nice idea.. I would like to write my own book.

- Ricardo Seguel P.

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