Monday, August 04, 2008

12seconds Video Microblogging

12seconds a new microblogging company based in San Francisco has been emerging last month and following a similar and known model as Twitter but by using a video 12 seconds long as a "tweet". On Technology Review article an interesting issue is cited as below:

(There is) a growing number of Twitter posts with links to 12seconds videos.

(However) video microblogging isn't necessarily the next phase of microblogging. 12seconds suffers from the same problem that has kept video blogs from usurping the popularity of text blogs: it simply takes too long to get to the point...Video requires that a viewer focus her aural and visual attention, and it's impossible to quickly scan large numbers of videos.

Finally, 12seconds company is going to open its API so programmers might use it to build applications using this technology. Also they have launch their 12 seconds song.

I guess this is a really nice application and it might be complementary to Twitter and Facebook (or other socialnet applications) by allowing to people keep updated their status using a short video. Moreover, 12seconds might allow to people link their location by using Google Maps (or something else) as similarly it's used by Flickr by adding a photo in a map.

- Ricardo Seguel P.

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