Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Social Network security attacks

Today, I've read an interesting post in the MIT Technology Review about how to use social network platforms for performing an attack like a DoS affecting these sites and third party as well. Furthermore, experts explain other kind of attacks and that it's not possible to do so much to defend them, but something they are trying for addressing this issue:

The companies behind social-networking sites are just starting to wake up to the issue of security. Facebook, for example, recently created a security page to educate users about potential risks that they could face. The company adds that its security team "is dedicated to investigating and auditing our own code for holes, as well as reaching out to people in an extended community to let us know if we've missed anything."

Another issue mentioned is that people have more confidence on applications running in their browser than software downloaded and installed in their computers.
Evidently this security issue affect directly confidence of users and their relation with social network providers, thus it affects to new marketing strategies using the groundswell.

- Ricardo Seguel P.

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