Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dutch customer experiences, needs and loyalty

Forrester has published 3 interesting studies about Dutch customers on last week. The first study refers to how Dutch customers use different banking channels. They are loyal user of ATM and Internet banking more than any other country in Europe. So, the study briefly concludes that:
With few branch customer contacts, Dutch banking eBusiness and channel strategy executives need to develop online banking as a marketing and sales channel.

That's a good opportunity to think about what kind of services could bring best experience for customers instead of just offering and selling a financial product via the traditional channels. So, I guess that a nice service could offer special rate discounts to all customer' friends in the bank's social network. That network should also interface with other external services like Facebook and Orkut for attracting potential customers. Well, in that case I'm assuming that this online banking has Web 2.0 features built-in (e-banking 2.0)

On the other hand, 2 studies describe an Index for measuring the customers satisfaction with their health plans and with Large Firms in The Netherlands. These studies concludes that, in both cases, companies should follow the "key principles of Experience-Based Differentiation (EBD) to achieve customer excellence."

The brief conclusion is that the 3 studies describe motivating scenarios for improving the customer experience in The Netherlands, aiming for service excellence and loyalty. That involves that companies need to properly design services and manage their life-cycle.

Ricardo Seguel

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