Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Available technologies to implement an architecture based on SCA and BPEL

Trying to find a software package that meets all our requirements is always hard. This is even harder if the software is based on new technology standards. I've made a short list with the available software to implement a Service-oriented architecture (SOA) based on Service Component Architecture (SCA) and BPEL technology standards. I know that BPEL is not new, but even so it's hard to find a software package that implements SCA and BPEL together; see Table 1 below.

Technology SCA BPEL Comments
Tuscany+ODE X X open source, just one simple example, lack of doc.
X open source, no SCA supported, BPEL engine based on ODE
Petals X X open source, ESB-oriented, lack of examples and doc.
Fabric3 X
open source, no BPEL supported
Mule SCA X
open source, no BPEL supported
Newton X
open source, no BPEL supported
Paremus X
trial available, no BPEL supported
X trial available, no SCA supported
IBM WPS X X no trial available
Oracle SOA 11g X X trial available, many components, no examples

Table 1: SCA and BPEL software packages

The only feasible open source packages available today (March 2010) are Apache Tuscany + ODE, to implement an architecture that uses SCA and BPEL technologies.

The book "Understanding SCA" is a very good guide to start with SCA, but it shows just a chapter of how to use SCA with BPEL in a small example.
There is a coming book of "Tuscany in Action" that will show how to use SCA and BPEL too, but let's see if they show something more than a simple example.

Ricardo Seguel


Jim Marino said...

Hi Ricardo,

Fabric3 is currently working with ActiveEndpoints to provide first-class BPEL support to SCA. A released product, however, is some time off.

One of the other Fabric3 developers is also working on ODE integration - you may want to stop by the mailing lists to see how he is progressing on that work.

Jim Marino

rseguel said...

Thank you very much for your update Jim. I will check for these progresses.
Best regards,
Ricardo Seguel.