Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Successful Workshop BPM Chile Group

I'm very happy with the success of the BPM Workshop that I organized in Chile last August 12 with the BPM Chile Group together with the University of Chile. The event had 250+ people which are group members and among them there are consultants, managers and chiefs of IT and Process areas.

Fig. 1: at the right side the Chilean BPM experts and at the left side, part of the audience.

Fig.2: Hugo Seguel chairing the Workshop and me at the background

The pictures gallery is available here
The video of the complete Workshop is available here (in Spanish)

I'm very thankful of the Chilean BPM experts that gave the presentations and the University of Chile for supporting the organization of this great event. Thank you very much to the 250+ members attending the Workshop. Thank God it was a success.

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